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Educational Resources

Decisions are best made with the most and best information possible, so as part of its commitment to member governments, the GMRC works to provide educational opportunities and resources that improve the knowledge base for local leaders and stakeholders.  The GMRC will perform research upon request, share documents and news about critical issues, and conduct or facilitate educational forums that help give area leaders information that can assist their work on behalf of their respective communities.


Lunch-and-Learn Program Materials:

Short-Term Rentals


          Notes 1, 2 & 3

          Article 1 & 2

Tiny Houses



          Article 1 & 2


Historic Presentation Resources:

Preservation Resource

Dahlonega Design Guidelines

Toccoa Design Guidelines

Historic Preservation in the Mountains Presentation


Additional Resources:

Georgia DCA’s local success stories & best practices 

Georgia Planning Association 

American Planning Association

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