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Youth Committee

To assist the Workforce Development Board and staff in providing a pathway to employment for young adults in the Georgia Mountains region by equipping him/her through education, training and advancing skills in a competitive market that will lead to self-sufficiency.

Current Youth Committee Members 


What is a standing youth committee?

Under title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), youth standing committees represent a new mechanism for states and local boards to coordinate area-wide youth services, assist with planning, and oversee operational programs related to youth services. (CFR § 681.100)

Who can sit on a standing youth committee?

At least one local board member must be included and chair the committee.  Membership composition of GMWD Youth Committee should have one or more of the following (CFR § 681.110):


  • Local Board member who chairs the committee

  • Members of community-based organizations with a demonstrated record of success in serving eligible youth

  • Members may represent agencies such as education, training, Vocational Rehabilitation, health, mental health, housing, public assistance and justice, or be representatives of philanthropic or economic and community development organizations and employers.

  • Members may also include parents, participants and youth

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