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Training and Facilitation

Local governments seeking effective results from their policies and actions need a sense of organization and informed decision making.  This means doing strategic planning and making time to routinely educate and train the elected and appointed personnel involved.


Our commitment is to help our member governments achieve optimal performance, so the GMRC is available to assist in the preparation and production of forums designed to improve the awareness and capability of local staff or officials. 


Popular Event Types

Simple Logistics

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

The GMRC can provide a neutral party that frees up all staff and officials to participate in the discussion, while also offering outside perspective on certain issues as needed. 

Workshops and Training

GMRC staff have years of experience in providing training and educational resources in a variety of topic areas, including:

  • City Council/County Commission

  • Planning Commission

  • Historic Preservation Committees

  • Industrial Development Authorities

  • Better Hometown/ Main Street

  • Grant Writing

  • Economic Development

  • Special Interests


Topical Presentations

The GMRC is available to gather information and research on special topics and present that to your community, providing an additional resource and outside perspective on evolving local issues.

What the GMRC Provides:

  • Quality leadership and service

  • A neutral, outside party with an understanding of civic issues.

  • Pre- and Post-event meetings with officials

  • Summary Report after the event


What You Provide:

  • Arrange and fund the facility, including housing if necessary

  • Meals and snacks as appropriate

  • Notification to all local staff expected to attend

  • Information or resources pertinent to any specialty topics or issues

If your community could benefit from some outside instruction or facilitation, learn what the GMRC can do to help!  For more information contact Heather Feldman, Executive Director.

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