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Personnel Recruitment


The GMRC is able to assist with all aspects of the personnel recruitment process, from defining the position, through identifying the qualities desired and ultimately finding the right person for your team. Direct assistance can include any and all of the following:

  • Developing/refining job descriptions

  • Developing a list of mandatory and desired qualifications

  • Establish a thorough and effective interview process

  • Developing employment ads, ad placement and circulation

  • Developing/updating application forms

  • Performing reference checks

  • Evaluation and screening of resumes


HR Training

GMRC staff can train local Department heads in human resource management, including how to address disciplinary issues, wage and hour issues and more.


Personnel Policies

We recognize that strong and clear policies provide for more efficient and effective operation at the local government level. The GMRC can create, revise, or update personnel policies to include the Federal and State Labor Law changes. 


Employee Relation Services

The GMRC can assist with internal personnel management through services such as reviews and surveys of staff, analysis of performance of existing HR practices and development of/amendments to employee handbooks.


Benefits Administration

GMRC staff can assist with a Benefit RFP Process, administering programs for smaller communities, and/or evaluating current benefit plans for possible improvements. The GMRC can also reconcile and audit benefit invoices on a monthly basis.

The GMRC is also able to assist with administration of COBRA, including any of the following elements:

  • Prepare notification letters

  • Process elections

  • Provide payment coupons to participants

  • Collect/disburse premiums

  • Communicate rate, plan, or regulatory charges to COBRA


Payroll Administration

Process payroll, cut checks, file Department of Labor and 941 Quarterly reports, maintain payroll files and year end W’2 processing.

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