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Services & Projects

Official Zoning / Ordinance Maps


GMRC has access to tax parcel data for each of our twelve counties that enable us to provide up to date Official Zoning and Boundary maps to our municipalities.  Annexations and re-zonings can be updated on an annual basis or as the City makes changes to their official maps.


Cemetery Mapping


Using sub-foot accuracy global positioning system (GPS), we can conduct a full inventory within City maintained cemeteries, providing information needed to locate or sell burial plots.  Each visible headstone is gps’d, all information is recorded from the headstone and a digital photo is taken.  Headstone and gravesite condition are also recorded.  Unmarked graves can also be marked with a pin flag for future reference.


US Census Bureau Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Program


Under contract with Georgia Department of Community Affairs, GMRC provides assistance with reporting annexations and boundary changes to the Census Bureau for our member governments.



Utility Infrastructure Mapping


Water, Sewer, Storm water and Gas utility features can be digitally mapped using our sub-foot accuracy global positioning system (GPS).  We have the capability to add any attribute to features such as fire hydrants, manholes, water meters and distribution lines.



Roadway Element Validation and Mapping (REVAMP) Project


The GDOT Office of Transportation Data (OTD) is charged with specific database validation requirements associated with GIS‐based road centerline attribution mandated by the federally‐enacted surface transportation act. The Georgia Association of Regional Commissions signed an agreement with UGA’s Information Technology and Outreach (ITOS) division, to perform the REVAMP work required in each regional commission area.

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