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Developments of Regional Impact (DRI's)

Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) are large-scale developments that may possibly have effects outside the jurisdiction in which they are located.  The DRI review process is designed to inform neighboring jurisdictions and various State agencies about these projects so they can offer comments and prepare for any possible impacts.  The process does not usurp local autonomy as the DRI findings are purely advisory*, however, the process does allow neighboring governments, area service providers, and the State to better understand development trends and alert the host jurisdiction about potential concerns.

To begin filing a DRI download a copy of our DRI Information and Process form and then follow the links to DCA’s online site for DRIs.

Documents and Links:


GMRC's DRI Information and Process Form

DRI Website

DCA's Rules for Development of Regional Impact

PDF Versions of Form 1 and Form 2

List of current GMRC DRI reviews



For questions contact, Adam Hazell                           

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