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Digital Data Availability

GMRC houses and maintains multiple datasets for our local governments.  Our datasets include road centerlines, municipal boundaries, aerial photography, trails, community facilities, LiDAR, elevation contours, service delivery areas, flood plains, wetlands and parcels.  Maintenance for these datasets are completed for local, state and federal partners.


Fees for datasets or printed maps are below:


Labor rate - $85.00 per hour

Mileage – Current Federal Reimbursement Rate


Zoning and Annexation Mapping Negotiated

City and County (map printing fees apply for existing datasets; if non-existing we will negotiate project costs)


U.S. Census Bureau Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) No Charge


Utility Infrastructure Inventory Negotiated

Water, Wastewater (Sewer), Natural Gas, Stormwater


Grant Application Maps* Hourly Rate + Printing Costs

(*If RC is preparing grant application there will be no charge for this service.)

Cemetery Mapping Negotiated


Other Digital Planimetric Dataset Assistance Negotiated

Includes: Road Centerlines, Tax Parcels, Municipal Boundaries, Service Delivery Areas, Fire/Police Districts, Voting Districts, Industrial Sites for potential development



42” x 60” Color $65.00 each B/W $35.00 each

36” x 48” Color $55.00 each B/W $25.00 each

24” x 36” Color $45.00 each B/W $20.00 each

11” x 17” Color $15.00 each B/W $ 5.00  each


Additional charges for these items if mounted on foam core and/or laminated, plus labor rate and mileage for drop off/pick up and delivery to City or County offices or meeting location.


PLANIMETRIC MAP REQUESTS - DIGITAL: Hourly Rate (1-hour minimum)

Includes Digital map data transfer via email, uploaded to an FTP site, DropBox, USB drive or DVD creation. Maps created as .pdf, .jpg, or .gif formats and will be sent via email.



Per Tile - $ 500.00

Full County Mr. Sid Mosaic Orthophoto - $ 1,500.00 each

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