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Community Development & Design

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Comprehensive Plans provide local governments with the general approach to addressing critical needs, but many projects require greater detail or more specific analyses. These are some of the services the GMRC provides to assist local governments with programs and activities that help them save money, make more efficient decisions, and/or improve the information available needed to achieve many of the smaller projects that contribute to the realization of the overall community vision. 

Development Ordinances and Design Standards/Guidelines

The GMRC Planning Department will help communities evaluate their existing development regulations, assess possible amendments, and author revisions. 


  • Ordinance/Overlay development

  • Contributing asset inventories

  • Design charrettes



Conceptual Site Design


The GMRC can help with studies and conceptual development planning at multiple levels, which can help communities determine options and evaluate site performance before contracting with an engineer. This can include public involvement efforts, model site planning, assessments of development constraints, and more.   









Capital Facility Assessments and Planning


The GMRC will work with local departments such as Public Works and Fire Protection to assess existing equipment and facilities and project out future needs. This can be helpful in budgeting, prioritizing improvement schedules, and developing grant and loan applications for capital projects.

  • Departmental assessments

  • Capital Improvement Element updates   





Small Area Planning


The GMRC Planning Department assists communities in gathering information about existing conditions with specialized studies to identify and evaluate community development issues.

  • Neighborhood assessments

  • Corridor studies

  • Urban Redevelopment Plans




Service Delivery Strategies


The GMRC is available to assist with updates of local SDS agreements, both in writing the updates and coordinating the planning processes. 

  • Document Updates & Amendments

  • Meeting facilitation

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