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This year's Chairman's Award was presented in honor of Jerry Payne.  Jerry served as a GMRC Council Member, representing the Town of Homer, from 2007 through 2023.  Mr. Payne's family accepted the award.

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Left to Right - Ken Schubring, Amarylin Neill, Mitch Griggs, Deborah Mack, Bruce Palmer, Gina Kessler, Heather Feldman

Employee Service Awards - Five Years of Service:

Juston Kearby (not pictured above), Gina Kessler, Amarylin Neill

Employee of the Year

Danielle Avelar, Adult/DW Supervisor, WorkSource Division (not pictured above)

Appointed Official of the Year

Mitch Griggs, Union County Development Authority

Elected Official of the Year

Bruce Palmer, Commissioner, Habersham County

Council Member of the Year

Deborah Mack, Hall County, Private Sector

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