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WorkSource Georgia Mountains offers assistance to eligible young adults through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), a federally funded program. The Youth Service Programs focus is to target at-risk out of school young adults and connect, or reconnect those to educational programs or, occupational skills training that will lead them into self-sufficiency.


WorkSource Georgia Mountains may assist eligible applicants with the cost of GED testing and college tuition along with supportive services such as; childcare, transportation reimbursement, tuition, and book cost while attending classes.


WorkSource Georgia Mountains also partners with high schools and community-based organizations that are committed to the well-being and success of participants, and help to ensure that they are prepared to complete their education and become active members of the workforce.


Credit Recovery Program:

Assist youth participants who have dropped out of high school, or have been withdrawn from a credit recovery program, to retrieve credits for diploma completion.


Work Training Program:

This program provides youth with exposure to the workforce, career professionals, and work practices and expectations. Work experiences help clarify career interest, enhance occupational skills, help youth develop a sense of pride and develop social skills.


Other Work-based learning opportunities may include:

 On the Job Training Must meet eligibility criteria

 Apprenticeship Must meet eligibility criteria and be accepted by employer

 Paid and Unpaid Internships Meet eligibility criteria and working toward an educational credential/goal.


GED/Career Pathways Program:

GED Program assists youth who have dropped out of school in obtaining a GED through funding for test fees and providing supportive services.

The program is designed to work with eligible young adults between the ages of 16-24 in completing GED, while having opportunity for dual enrollment in a specified certification program, paid internship or apprenticeship type program. The career portion of this program may also assist young adults who have completed a high school diploma, and fit the eligibility criteria.


College/Technical College Assistance:

Eligible participants that are enrolled in college or technical school receive assistance with the cost of attending school. Participants receive assistance with books, tuition, and supplies needed to complete their educational programs. Youth are required to complete their program with in a two (2) year limit.


Transition to Success:

The Transition to Success program is a collaborative transition program between Georgia Mountains Regional Commission Workforce Development and the Lanier Technical College Adult Basic Education program inside the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice School System. The program initially is housed in the Hall County Regional Youth Detention to provide GED training and testing to youth who have dropped out of high school and incarcerated in the Regional Detention Center. If they are released into community before completion, the may continue in the program through the GED program.


Transition to Community:

This program is designed for youth and young adults ages 16-24 who are currently on probation or under court supervision.


Services Offered:

 GED training and completion

 Soft Skills and Work Skills training

 Work Experience/Paid Internship/On the Job Training or Apprenticeship Opportunities

 Work Assessment

 Hands on work training

 Case Management Services

 Financial Literacy


 Supportive Services

 Follow up services

 Occupational Skills Training funding

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