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It is our vision to provide the geospatial services that fulfill the needs of our local governments.  We will work in partnership to provide accurate, consistent, high quality, affordable and complete geospatial data.  While raising the awareness of using GIS as a powerful tool, we will educate our local governments regarding technological advancements in software, hardware, and data.


Geographic Information System (GIS) is a valuable tool used in communicating spatial data. We have a sizeable collection of digital map datasets in-house and can use our data mining and field collection skills to enhance an existing project or deliver fully-customized data layers and finished maps. Our costs remain low, allowing us to create very high quality graphic resources at considerable savings to our members.


Services Available:

¨ Official Zoning / Ordinance Maps

¨ US Census Bureau Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) and Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) submittals

¨ Parcel Conversion and Maintenance

¨ Development / Site Analyses

¨ Site and resource mapping for historic preservation

¨ Environmental assessments

¨ Field data collection using mapping grade (sub-foot) GPS for infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Gas and Stormwater)

¨ Comprehensive plan mapping including land use, community facilities and more

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