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Information regarding the WorkSource Georgia Mountains WIOA Program


Training Providers & Growth and Demand List


Guide to WorkSource Georgia Mountains Assistance


Intake Information Check List


Please complete the following if you are an individual applying for funding through the WorkSource Georgia Mountains WIOA Program:


Adult/Dislocated Workers Application


Rights Statement


Applicant Status Affidavit


Adult/Dislocated Worker Program Financial Aid Verification  (Must be completed by the training provider Financial Aid Representative)


ONET Assessment Directions


Selective Service Registration



Step By Step WIOA Application Guidance


This video series walks you through the WorkSource Georgia Mountains WIOA program application. Section by section, and in some cases, line by line guidance is offered to help you properly complete all the required fields.



Youth Program Forms/Application:


Youth Application Packet


WorkSource Georgia Mountains - Training Provider Forms:


Please complete the following if you are a training provider seeking approval and inclusion on the WorkSource Georgia Mountains list of approved providers.


Training Provider Application

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