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It is the vision of the Economic Development Department to foster a dynamic regional economy by supporting local community efforts that facilitate job growth, business retention, recreational opportunities, sound infrastructure, tourism, and quality healthcare.

Designated as an Economic Development District (EDD) under the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, the GMRCís Economic Development Departmentís goal is to assist in the creation of a diversified, well-balanced, progressive economy for the region.† Efforts are aimed at assisting communities with economic & community development, asset based development, social infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and workforce development needs that lead to the creation and maintenance of employment opportunities for residents, a strong tax base for local governments, and a safe, secure, and viable community.

The Department assists local governments and development authorities in pursuing sound economic development through a variety of technical assistance, including:† preparation of federal and state grant and loan applications, preparation of redevelopment plans, and grant administration.††

The Regional Commission serves as a designated Economic Development District and administers the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document as required by the U.S. Department of Commerce.††

The Economic and Community Development Department works with a variety of state and federal agencies to secure economic and community development based grants and loans for the Georgia Mountains communities.









The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is recognizing its 50th Anniversary this year.† Since its inception, the Georgia Mountains Region has received $66.5 million in funding for projects.† The work of ARC has served to strengthen the regionís economy and improve living standards in our Appalachian counties.† ARC has funded numerous projects over the years that have created jobs, encouraged business development, increase education and job training opportunities, and improved telecommunications, infrastructure and transportation in the Georgia Mountains Region.† In the last five years, ARC has invested $6 million in funding and has leveraged $7.8 million in local funds, created 1,089 jobs, retained 685 jobs and generated $218 million in private investment for the region.† White the work of the Appalachian Regional Commission is far from over, we wanted to highlight the importance of ARC and the role they have played in developing the Georgia Mountains Region.

ARC Projects in Georgia Mountains Region

ARCís Impact on the Georgia Mountains Regionó50 Years

Gainesville Times ArticleóMarch 19, 2015

Habersham County CDBG Awarded $750,000 for Senior Center

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