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GMRC Documents:

2016-2017 GMRC Annual Report

GMRC FY2019 Budget

GMRC FY2017 Audit Report

GMRC FY2018 Audit Report

GMRC Fee Schedule

Digital Economy Plan; Appendices

2018 GMRC City/County Directory



GMRC CEDS 2018 Update—FINAL - Adopted October 25, 2018

GMRC Regional Implementation Plan—FINAL—Adopted October 25, 2018


GMRC Planning Documents for Review:



GMRC Workforce Development Documents:

GMRC WD Comprehensive Local WIA Plan—8/25/2014; Plan Attachments

Whistle Blower Policy—Document

GMRC WD ByLaws—FINAL—10/25/2018

GMRC Local Elected Officials ByLaws—Revised DRAFT 10/16/2018

GMRC WD WIOA Plan 2016—2019—DRAFT—Revised 10/16/2018

CLEO/GMWDB/GMRC Partner Agreement—FINAL—10/25/2018

DRAFT CLEO MOU—10/16/2018


GMRC Requests for Proposals:

WIOA Grant Tracking RFP—11/05/2018Due Date:  12/05/2018

GMRC RFP Auditors—12/03/2018Due Date:  1/03/2018



General Maps:

GMRC Ridge Road Location Map

GMRC Boundary                 

Georgia Regional Commissions

Regional Commission Executive Directors

Workforce Development Areas / Regional Commissions


Meeting Presentation Downloads:

GDOT MAP21 Presentation—April 27, 2017

US Census Bureau LUCA Presentation—May 8, 2017

ACE Presentation—May 25, 2017

Georgia Ports Authority Presentation—June 29, 2017

Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites Presentation—July 27, 2017

Veterans Parkway Infrastructure Project Presentation—August 31, 2017

Lynne Riley, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Revenue—September 28, 2017

Rosann Kent - Appalachian Studies Center, University of North Georgia  - October 26, 2017

Planning Lunch and Learn—July 31, 2018—Lunch and Learn; Safe Routes to Schools

Georgia Film Industry Presentation—September 28, 2018

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