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GMRC staff can provide detailed mapping and information regarding burials and  sales within County or City maintained Cemeteries.  In most cases, this information is recorded by hand in ledger books and written on old paper maps.  We can compile all of the paper information, convert it to a digital format and cross reference all of it to what we find out in the field.

Areas of the cemetery not marked can be probed by our team to check for unmarked graves.  We will mark them with a pin flag and acquire an X,Y coordinate for future location of that gravesite.

Each visible headstone or grave marker is mapped using GPS technology, recording a location of the marker, with mapping grade (sub-foot) accuracy.

Information such as Deceased Full Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death,  Date of Marriage, Headstone Type, Headstone Material, Gravesite Condition, Military or Other Affiliation, Symbology is recorded, while in the field, off of each headstone.

A digital photograph of each headstone is taken to be tied back to the GPS location.

At the conclusion of the project, deliverables include:

· Detailed map layout of entire cemetery

· Fully searchable, MS Excel driven inventory database with linked photos to headstones

· All headstone and site photos

· DVD containing all data created for the project

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